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Using the latest in technology and dental practices many services can be done in office. 


LASER Treatment AVAILABLE for Cold Sores

Do you suffer from cold sores?  We all know that cold sores are not only painful, but also very unsightly blemishes that appear usually around the mouth. They may however appear on the nose, chin or cheeks.  They are caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus which lays dormant until activated by stress, sun, high fever or depressed immune system. Cold sores have a tendency to occur in the same area as when they first appear.   
Laser treatment for cold sores is fast and painless.  If treated during the "tingly feeling" stage it may prevent the cold sore from progressing into full blister.  During the full blister stage treatment can reduce symptoms and reduce the length of the outbreak.  Laser treatment also reduces the chances of another breakout in the same area.

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Laser Dentistry - lasers are used in many areas of dental care  

        Root Canal Therapy - aids in killing bacteria

        Cold sores -  laser treatment if used in the when the cold sore starts to tingle can decrease the length of breakout,
                          after a few treatments in most cases can stop reoccurrences of cold sores 

        Periodontal treatment - used to kill bacteria and remove diseased tissue from periodontal pockets

        Cavities - the laser can also be used to remove small areas of decay, making the procedure less invasive

DIGITAL CT AND PANORAMIC GREEN MACHINE - LOWEST AMOUNT OF RADIATION EXPOSURE - in office CAT SCAN and digital panoramic images used for implants, extractions, orthodontics, and overall evaluation of jaw bones

Ultrasonic Scaling - sound waves, which create vibrations, and water are used during teeth cleaning 

Digital X-rays  - digital radiographs use 1/10 th the amount of radiation as traditional, they are also much quicker and more comfortable for the patient

VELscope - a state of the art oral cancer screening device that can literally see beneath the surface of the tissue to detect potentially dangerous growths we might have missed with the naked eye

Oral CDX Brush - brush smear of abnormal area in the mouth after lesion has appeared and sent out to a lab for biopsy


Root Canal Therapy - removal of nerve from a  severely damaged or infected tooth

Periodontal Disease - inflammation of supporting tissues and bone loss around teeth

Routine Cleanings and Exams  - recommended every six months for most people

Night Guards - protects teeth and jaw from clenching and grinding, may also help with migraines

Tooth Colored Fillings - tooth colored resins are used to restore teeth to their original appearance after cavity is removed

Crowns - used to restore badly damaged and root canal teeth

Bridges - used to replace missing teeth

Implant - used to replace missing teeth

Full and Partial Dentures - used to replace missing teeth
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