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                            Dr. Sonia Lee DDS
                        Dr. Colin Johnston DDS



Dental Care of Port Jervis has been part of Port Jervis, NY for over 30 years.  Dr. Colin Johnston and Dr. Sonia Lee have been practicing here together since 1998.  Most of the staff has been working in the office together for many years.  We consider ourselves a family and would like to welcome you and your family to join us.  We feel that good oral hygiene is extremely important for overall health. We offer a full range of dental services in our office.  Not only do we provide general dental care and oral hygiene instructions, but we also provide, in most cases periodontal treatment, root canal treatment, both full and partial dentures, crown and bridgework as well as implants.  We also provide cosmetic dentistry and whitening.  More information is provided on each service throughout our website.  Please feel free to explore.

We believe that healthy gums and teeth can provide a better overall life.  Recent studies have shown to link poor oral hygiene to periodontal disease to several systemic diseases and health problems. Among these are heart disease, dementia, pneumonia, cancer in men,  premature birth and low birth weight babies.  Systemic diseases such as osteoporosis and diabetes may increase the destruction of periodontal disease with poor oral hygiene.
LASER Treatment AVAILABLE for Cold Sores

Do you suffer from cold sores?  We all know that cold sores are not only painful, but also very unsightly blemishes that appear usually around the mouth. They may however appear on the nose, chin or cheeks.  They are caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus which lays dormant until activated by stress, sun, high fever or depressed immune system. Cold sores have a tendency to occur in the same area as when they first appear.   
Laser treatment for cold sores is fast and painless.  If treated during the "tingly feeling" stage it may prevent the cold sore from progressing into full blister.  During the full blister stage treatment can reduce symptoms and reduce the length of the outbreak.  Laser treatment also reduces the chances of another breakout in the same area.

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